What I Do

Award Winning Worship-Concert Artist (Female Vocalist of the Year)

How Can Joani Tabor Ministries Benefit Your Church?

  • We Come To You: Hours of practical information are brought directly to your area. Seminars include the time to answer questions about participants’ particular needs and special circumstances.
  • We Focus On Practical Idea’s Not Just Theory: The main desire of JOANI TABOR MINISTRIES is to provide participants with inexpensive tools and ideas for practical, immediate use. Joani’s seminars are not only filled with the serious side of life, but also with lot’s of humor and enthusiasm!
  • We Provide Affordable Training: JOANI TABOR MINISTRIES seminars are very affordable!! Requirements include a pre-arranged honorarium and expenses.

Dynamic Seminars To Help Grow Your Church

Joani can cover almost any topic, if given enough time for study and research. Joani’s husband, Dr. Glenn Tabor, Jr. is available occasionally. Because of Joani’s extensive schedule, requests need to be made at least nine months to a year in advance, to give her time for extensive study.

Nothing’s Gonna Steal My Joy
Seven Principles Necessary to Live Day In and Day Out in Joy

  1. Me, Myself, & I
  2. Guilt Free
  3. It Hurts
  4. Free At Last
  5. Success
  6. Who’s In Charge?
  7. I Can Bring Home The Bacon

Get Me Out Of This Stew

  • “Our Fleshly Response to Problems, Trials, and Tribulations”
  • “Our Spiritual Response To Those Same Problems, Trials, and Tribulations”

Fully Alive

Stresses personal Christian growth and maturity. Find out why over 100 responded to a single invitation after hearing this inspiring teaching!

  • “Having A Growing Hunger For God”
  • “Refuse To Be Offended”

And Then There Was One
A Marriage Seminar

  • “Seven Basic Needs Of A Man”
  • “Seven Basic Needs Of A Women”

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  • “Love Is Forgiving”
  • “Love Is Accepting”

Churchy Attitudes
A Study About Freedom in Christ

Choir Retreats