People From All Walks Of Life Are Talking

Joani, my friend, it was great. I really enjoyed your singing. Your music is excellent. You are a very talented lady. Keep on singing.

Jim Nabors
Honolulu, Hawaii; actor (Gomer Pyle), singer

The Lord has blessed you with a remarkable musical gift. I am so glad you are able to use it for His glory. Mr. Graham wants me to express his sincere gratitude for your kindness as his Parkinson’s disease makes writing virtually impossible.

Billy Graham
Minneapolis, Minnesota; evangelist

Joani, I’m so pleased to hear your singing. I appreciate you. Warm best wishes.

Rosalynn Carter
Plains, Georgia, former first lady, married to Jimmy Carter

Thank you so much…You have a lovely voice and I’m enjoying it very much.

Andy Williams,
Moon River Theatre, Branson, Missouri, singer

God bless your voice Joani. I’m so grateful for your music. Thank you for your prayers for me.

Gen. Manuel Noriega
Panamanian military leader

You are a treasure. Your concert really touched my heart. Thanks for everything.

Tonya Flynt
Vega, Jacksonville, Florida; author, anti-pornography crusader, Larry Flynt’s daughter

I send you my warmest best wishes and good luck with your career.

Nancy Reagan
Los Angeles, California; former first lady, actress

With thanks for your singing and best wishes.

Gen. Colin L. Powell
Alexandria, Virginia; military leader, author

Your singing was such an inspiration and blessing to me. All the best.

Oliver North
Bluemont, VA; former presidential aid, senatorial candidate, television show host

I wish you every good luck with your singing. Love.

Julie Andrews
Los Angeles, California; singer, actress

I always look forward to listening to you sing.

Charlton Heston
Beverly Hills, California; actor, director

I appreciate your friendship and prayers. It means more than you can know. Please know that you are loved.

Sandi Patti
Anderson, Indiana; Christian singer, symphony soloist

Joani uses more energy in 15 minutes of singing than I use in a whole week.

Doug Oldham
Lynchburg, Virginia; Soloist, “Old Time Gospel Hour”

Joani, you have such an outstanding high vocal range! Could you teach me to sing that high?

Barbara Fairchild
Branson, Missouri; Christian performer

It’s an honor to sing with Joani. She’s a great talent.

John Starnes
Nashville, Tennessee; tenor soloist

I am pleased to recommend Joani Tabor as a singer and as a wonderful personality. The first time I heard her sing I said, “Move over Sandi Patti…She is dynamite.”

James Blackwood
Memphis, Tennessee, Celebrated Gospel Singer, founder of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet